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What to Do When Locked Out

What do you do when locked out?

What should you do when you are locked out of your home?

The first thought that runs through you head might not exactly be a ‘G’ rated on but after that has passed here are the steps you should follow.

Step #1 – Don’t panic. Do you have a spare key? Most people keep a spare key hidden somewhere in their car or hidden somewhere in the garden. Do you have a spare key somewhere?

Step #2 – Try and retrace your steps if you didn’t go far. Did you got to the store? The service station to get petrol? A friends house? Call who you can or drive back where you came from and ask if anything was handed in and also look around.

Step #3 – Who did you give a spare key to? Do you have flatmates you could get a key from? Family? Friends? Neighbor? Partner?

Step #4 – It’s a long shot and this should really be #1. Try the door. Maybe you forgot to lock it in the first place. If not, and likely not, look for a window that might be cracked open a little you can climb in through.

Step #5 – Don’t pick the lock yourself. It’s not like the movies. You can’t just open a locked door with a credit card in 10 seconds or so. Lock picking is more of an art that needs special tools. If you try to pick the lock or use a card you’re very likely to damage the card, the lock or something else.

Step #6 – Call a locksmith. This is really the best bet if you had no luck with anything else. The other option could be to smash a window. But then you will have a broken window that will need fixing. That is going to cost a lot more compared to having a locksmith called out.